It's time to start thinking about harvest...

...And winterization! It's almost that time of the year again! Time for the leaves to change and the temperatures to fall. 

Along with the beauty of fall time also comes the responsibility of ensuring your boat is ready for the winter months to come. It's imperative to properly winterize your boats engine to avoid engine damage, due to freezing, and ensure that the first start in spring is trouble free!

Here at Blue Marsh Outdoors we have a very comprehensive winterization and shirk wrap operation. Including: fuel stabilization, engine fog, oil change, drive oil change, antifreeze pumping, battery testing and more! We can accommodate virtually any engine.. from small jet powered engines all the way up to large big block motors. 

Shrink wrapping is also a very important part of preparing for winter especially if your boat is stored outdoors! Our shrink wrap is of the highest quality to ensure if your boat is stored outside all winter that it'll hold up in the harshest of conditions. We also are able to build framework within the interior of your boat to thwart any snow or rain to accumulate within and little nooks that occur because of your boats extruding features like a ski tower or large console. 

Give us a call for price quotes or more information about our winterization scheduling! 610-488-5540